Shawn Malloy (thpamz2thexay) wrote,
Shawn Malloy

I don't live at home anymore.  I brought up the fact that I've been socializing with my biological family to my Malloy family during an argument and they said some harsh things.  i said some harsh things back.  They felt like I was abandoning them and I felt like they were abandoning me.  So I moved out.  I actually thought I was being kicked out.  This all happened at the end of January.

Over the past 2 months or so, I've been dealing.  For awhile I stayed with Kristen at one of my new old aunts house with her, her husband, and my two toddleriffic cousins.  During that time I found a three bed room apartment on E. Central st. off of Shrewsbury st. in Worcester.  Things sucked between me and the rest of the Malloys but after a couple weeks, things leveled off, and nobody disowned anybody.  Things are pretty good with both of my families now.

I recently had a housewarming/birthday party for Kristen.  Not a lot of people showed up.  The few that did didn't stay for very long.  I got pissed off and Damien head butted a window that was already cracked.  We ended up bleeding a lot.  Kristen got frustrated because she couldn't calm my ass down, so she punched a couple other cracked windows.  I calmed down as soon as I saw that she was bleeding worse than I was and needed to go to the hospital. 

During my flip out I called my cousin and bitched her out I guess.  For no reason.  I was just being a drunk, angry asshole.  I don't quite remember what I said.  That caused a little rift between me and my real family.  But that's over now too.  We're good.

A couple weeks have gone by since all that bull shikaka.  Currently I'm adjusting to living in my own place with my girlfriend.  Learning how to pay bills and budget my moolah.

I quit Coordinates, because it felt like no one else in a band really cared about the 4 year old project beside me.

My social life is suffering a tad.  I don't really have much faith in any of my friends.  I guess it's something that's been for a long time.  My goal is to make new friends or reconnect with old friends that I haven't spoken to in awhile.   That's an ideal.  It's not necessarily an expectation.  If I'm too much of a bitter old crab to actually make new connections or rekindle the old, then I guess I'm ok.  I still have my families and my wonderful girlfriend that I couldn't shake off the side of my leg even if I had flesh eating bacteria.  Hahaha.  I only wrote that last part because she's sitting right here watching me write this out.

Thats all for me.
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