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Update for this year.

May 1st.  Moved to Hamilton St.  Unrenovated.  Lived in apartment with no stove, heat, ac, hot water, toilet(for 2 days).  Got robbed halfway through the month.  They stole my $2000 laptop, my flip video camcorder that had some very incriminating and personal footage of kristen and i on it, kristen's $1500 camera, and 2 of her tiffany's necklaces.  Moved out June 1st.  The cunty landlord gave us our deposit back but wouldn't give back a month's rent, so now we have to sue her.  We're asking for $2000 because of all the shit we had to go through.  Missing work to move stuff around for the illegal construction guys, missing work for calling board of health on her, eating out, hotel rooms, etc. etc.

Moved to Bourne St in June.  that's right passed the greendale mall.  life was quiet for 2 months.

friday.  Got my car smashed by another car trying to make a right hand turn from the MIDDLE LANE.  So my car is totalled.

Today.  Got laid off by Iron Mountain.  Partly good because I fucking hated that place and I hope the whole company goes under when they keep making bad business decisions.

But now I'm jobless, carless, and was nearly homeless for about a month.  When does it get better?

On the pro side of things, my dog Mortimer who Kristen and I adopted in March is my best friend when he doesn't eat my underwear.

Also my new album is shaping up to be quite possibly the greatest thing I've ever done musically.  No outside influences.  No one to teach parts to, and crystal clear, razorsharp production.  I've been working on it since January but it still probably won't be ready to hear until next Spring.  Only 7 songs done with about 23 more to go before I chop them in half for the final dozen or so.  Will keep updated on it.

Also on the upside, Kristen got a promotion at her job.  So now my bum ass aspires to do what she's doing, which is WORK FOR A COMPANY THAT APPRECIATES ME.
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