Shawn Malloy (thpamz2thexay) wrote,
Shawn Malloy

Feeling revolutionary.

I think as I mature into adulthood I become more interested in politics.  Or maybe the country that I live in is just going to shit overnight.  I haven't decided which of the two has peaked my interest on current affairs.  I just know that I'm getting pissed off.

I'm not going to claim that I know everything, or even anything.  I'm not going to claim that I am intelligent or informed.  I'm not going to try to convince others to believe in the same ideals that I do.  But what I will do is speak my mind and hope that someone out there in this great big messy world agrees with me on something I have to say.

I'm not going to organize my thoughts here.  I'm just gonna thrown things out there as I think of them, and I apologize in advance if my rants seem chaotic, offensive, or even down right fucking crazy.  I'm not sure where to start here but lets start on my favorite topic.

ABORTIONS.  If you're pro-choice, you're fucking evil.  If you're pro-life, you're fucking evil.  We need to think more extreme, people.  Abortions remaining legal?  Yes.  Should there be a limit?  Yes.  After a woman gets 2, she gets her tubes tied.  We need to promote both facts.  One being that abortion is murder, and the other fact that everyone has the right to do what they want with their bodies.  We need to enforce shame on those who decide to go through with it, and punish them for turning real life human babies into genetic research specimens,  but at the same time we cannot prohibit them from their freedom to pay for their mistakes.  In most scenarios if you need more than 2 abortions in one lifetime, you're not being responsible, and you're avoiding the education that's basically in your face since the day you hit 5th grade.  We fix dogs to prevent breeding more unwanted dogs.  We can fix you too!  I say, abortions stay, but your ability to get one goes after the point of abuse.

I feel so much better after saying that.

Lets talk about the recent ban on flavored cigarettes such as cloves.  I can name way too many reasons why this law is fucked up.

I don't see why they can only ban certain kinds of cigarettes.  All cigarettes are equally bad.  If they want to save millions of dollars in healthcare, they'll ban all cigarettes.  Kids being lured into smoking addiction because of cigarettes being chocolate, vanilla, clove, and fruity?  That's fucking ridiculous.  The fact is, if you want chocolate, you'll just eat chocolate.  You want something fruity, you'll eat a piece of fucking fruit.  Most people I know didn't start with a goddam clove, they started with a Marlboro or a Camel or a Newport.  People smoke because they think it's cool, or they like the feeling, or someone in their family smoked while they were growing up.  The fact of the matter is that people are susceptible to the power of influence and are at some point in their lives young and stupid.  Most smokers start when they're young, just to quit when they get older.  Flavored cigarettes are basically just novelties for people that want that particular cigarette at a particular time.  I don't smoke.  I've never smoked regularly.  I've never been addicted to smoking, but when someone has a pack of cloves and offers me one, I usually oblige to the gratitude, and I've been smoking cloves on rare occasions since I was 19.  Never to this day have I bought a pack of cigarettes for myself.  Obama doesn't give a shit about the people like me though.  So yeah.  It's easy to sign off on such perverse and nazi like jurisdiction of what we can and can't smoke to the FDA.  Why just cloves and lime cigarettes Mr. President?  Why not Marlboros?  I think I know why.  It's because you fucking smoke Marlboros.  I bet 75% of your cabinet smokes Marlboros.  So let companies like Marlboro own the cigarette monopoly in this country, and destroy all the little guys that are producing the alternative products that you can't even find at a gas station or a grocery store.  Because that's real fucking American.  We love corporate conglomerates, and we love it when they get bigger.  Why just tobacco products?  Why not alcohol?   Isn't alcohol more dangerous than tobacco?  We can buy tobacco products at 18 years old but we can't buy alcohol until 21.  By those age limit laws, one is to assume that alcohol is far more dangerous.  It's 3 years more dangerous.  You need to be 3 more years responsible after taking your first drag to take your first sip.  But what do you see when you walk into the liquore store?  FLAVORS!  Tons of flavors of alcohol!  All kinds of flavors, and fruits, and chocolates!  Wachusett Blueberry beer!  UV Grape Vodka!  Peppermint Schnaps!  Rootbeer Schnaps!  That's right.  Flavored beverages that are the flavor of other flavored beverages.  But no ones in line to sign a piece of fucking paper  to ban all the different flavors of liver cancer now.  No, they want to ban my lung cancer and my throat cancer, and Washington, that is by far your biggest fucking mistake.  Because I don't use my liver to scream at you, and tell you how fucking stupid you all are.  I use my fucking throat and my fucking lungs!  But you couldn't possibly limit your variety of poisons, because you too are all just as big of drunks as I am.  And people need to coat the real taste of alcohol.  They need the sweet sweet candy to cover up the burn and bitterness of the juice that makes them so high.  Lime cigarettes?  Don't smoke em.  Don't need em.  Lets ban em.  Bud Lite Lime?  Yes!   We need the lime!  We need the lime to cover up just how fucking gross the King Of Beers can be once you've sucked out every last ingredient that makes a beer a goddamned beer.  It's just like how all of you need suits to cover up the fact that you're all a bunch of fucking PIGS!  George Orwell is rolling in his grave knowing that his work of fiction has seeped it's way into reality.

So what's the real issue at hand?  The real issue is that there's no one to represent me and my demographic to reject such a stupid fucking law.  I'm not represented!  And to me, this is the same feeling that the colonists had before 1776.  Being governed by idiots from a different hemisphere that had no idea what life was like on the other side.  It's happening all over again.  Who are you to judge me and how I live my life?  If I want to get my daily value's worth of trans fat, it's my right to have it.  If I wanna be 300 lbs heavier than I am, let me be.  I shouldn't have to put money in your pockets If I wanna put Ho-Ho's and KFC in my belly! 

I'm gonna call it quits here.  For now.  I have to stop being a revolutionary for a little while because I have to go pick up my girlfriend from work.
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